Tuesday, January 25, 2011

~ Zuma Blitz Tips: Dizzy Corals ~

This past week was tough.  Sand and Surf was rough for me and I was #2 for long time.  It wasn't till Friday that I broke 1 million and climbed back to #1!  I ended up using Juicy Fruits instead of bombs because the bombs were not as useful as I thought.

Yes, it's gloating time!  #2 score was only 50K behind me!  I was so worried that he would beat me in the last hour but thankfully, he gave up.

This week's board is very simple.  It has 2 concentric oval track set in the deep blue ocean floor with pretty corals.  It's a very calming color.  Perhaps that will help you with the score.

The difficulty with this board is how short the tracks are!  The first time I played, I almost got chewed up!  The inner track is really short.  And it's easy to neglect the outer track when you are trying to take care of the inner one, like I did here.

The fruits are not too hard to get.  It is a little close to the entrance and you can end up with two tracks of balls between you and the fruit.  That's why I recommend the bombs for this board.  You may think that you don't need it because the tracks are not very close to each other.  But, it really helps because you need it to help you clear the balls.  Otherwise, you'll end up being chewed up.  And it's great to open a hole to the fruits.  So this week, I am sticking with my chrono balls, multiplier and bombs for powerups.  Also, this board is easy because the balls come pretty close to the frog.

This is going to be a high scoring board.  Look at my score now and it's only been 1.5 hours!  I think I am going to stay away from Zuma till someone beats my score.  Yay, maybe I'll finally be productive this week!

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David said...

I finally managed to eke my score up to 650000 on this board - still struggling with the mouse pad though :(

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