Monday, January 17, 2011

~ Flowers, Candies and Kisses for Valentine's Day Projects ~

Less than a month till Valentine's Day!  If you are going to make something special for your significant other, you need to start gathering the supplies now!  Here are some flowers, candies and kisses charms and findings that are perfect for the Valentine's Day.  To see heart related items, please check out my blog posts about hearts.

Of course you need flowers for Valentine's Day!  I have a big variety of colorful acrylic flowers and polymer clay flowers.  Acrylic flowers are great for earrings and necklaces.  They are light and colorful and looks great with bronze and copper findings.
Polymer clay flowers are awesome when strung with crystals.  Do you know how to weave a heart from crystal bicones?  You can add a flower to the heart and it'll be so cute!

These flower lobster clasps will be great for making purse charms and the big silver flower filigree charm would be awesome for necklaces.

My favorite charm is this little bicycle with flower basket!  It's so pretty and romantic!   I actually made a necklace with this charm.  Just love it.

Candies and Sweets
How about some lollipops and strawberry cakes for your valentine?  Yummy and sweet!

And let's end the big day with a few kisses!  Smooch smooch!  I hope these charms inspire you for some great Valentine's Day projects!

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