Thursday, January 27, 2011

~ Snowmageddon 2011 ~

Ok, this is really not as bad as the last Snowmageddon, but it was coming down pretty hard!!  Traffic was horrendous and I know so many people stuck on the roads.  It's not just 270 and 495.  It was a lot of other roads!  DC gets pretty crazy with snow!  At times like these, I am glad I can work at home and didn't have to go to the office today.

So, after a day of watching the traffic and news and snow, I went outside to shovel.  My husband was still out rescuing people with our AWD and I wanted to make sure he has a little path to the door when he gets back.  It was really beautiful outside!

I wish I can capture the magical snow in the street lamp.  It was hard though.  It was dark, the wind was blowing and my hands were frozen after shoveling.

The snow is very heavy and wet this time.  The trees are all drooping from the weight.  I hope my neighbor's tree doesn't crash into my house!

Haven't done this in a while! Snow angel!  I am really hoping for a snow day tomorrow.  A real one.  One that I don't have to work even though I can work at home.  I need a break from debugging this stupid ClassNotFound Exception.  The class is there damnit!!!  Oops... sorry for the rant :)

Wanna see what made Momo cry in the snow?  Check out his very own blog at!


InsideOut Elle said...

it HAILED in VA...little ice chips ^_^

Joyce said...

ooo it was ice for an hour or so.... then the snow made me forget about it :)

glitteryeyesxx said...

Omg, I was trying to come home on 495. It was a SLIPPERY, icy mess. I almost got hit 3x. Took me 2 hours to get home. But I consider myself lucky. It took my brother 7 HOURS!!! He didn't get home until near midnight. We are supposed to get more snow tomorrow morning. :(

Joyce said...

my husband went out around 6 to help his family and didn't get back till 3am! 9 hours on the road!

Jeweled Thumb said...

I heard of the horrible mess on major roads but we had a few vehicles stuck on our cul de sac. Can't work from home so I'm uber jealous. I made it into the office around noon to find out the servers and down and we can't do any work! =x

Joyce said...

i was hoping our servers would go down too :D but everything is working so i have to work..... i want to make a snowman though!

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