Wednesday, January 26, 2011

~ Prime Rib in DC ~

Last week was DC Restaurant week. I ended up at Prime Rib for a late dinner. This place is fancy! Ladies, please remind your men to wear a blazer because it's required.  We got oysters for appetizers. 

This was mine.  I really tried to eat it, but just couldn't do it!  It just looks so slimy!

Of course, we got the prime rib from the Restaurant Week menu.  See the stuff in the back?  It's fresh horseradish.  Interesting.  I must say that Morton's and Ruth Chris have better steaks.  It's tender, but a little bland.

This is medium rare.  I don't know, but this looks a little too bloody for me. 

We had a choice of key lime pie and creme brulee.  The pie was a little too sour.

The creme brulee was so much better!  Yum yum!  Overall, I think I rather go to Morton's for steak.  Same great service but better tasting steak.

The coolest thing at the restaurant?  This swan faucet in the bathroom!  Pretty fancy :)

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InsideOut Elle said...

that custard looks so good but I must agree the steak and oysters look so sketchy -- It's hard to top Ruth Chris tho ^_^

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