Wednesday, January 12, 2011

~ I Need a Macro Lens for Snow ~

We had really really fluffy snow today! Just 1-2 inches but it's the really flaky kind! So, I let Momo out for some fun dusted off my DSLR for some pictures. I want to take pictures of snowflakes!  But, it was dark and I don't have a macro lens so these look pretty crappy. 

These turned out better.  Kind of interesting...

Look at Momo!  He got all this snow on him!  He's not afraid of the cold for sure :)

I am not very happy with my pictures lately.  Maybe I need to take a quiet afternoon to feel inspired again.

1 comment:

InsideOut Elle said...

it's snowing in VA too :D my brother prolly won't be missing school tho ahha

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