Tuesday, January 11, 2011

~ Zuma Blitz Tips: Soccer Field ~

So, how was your week?  I have had a few readers sharing their awesome scores with me.  I am jealous.  I couldn't break 1 million last week, but I still got a gold medal!  Please excuse me for a minute while I gloat :)

 This week's board looks like a worn out soccer field!  Unlike last week's board, this one is much more straight forward.  It looks so simple right?  No hidden tunnels.  No tricky curves.  But dangit, those balls are sure far away from the froggie.  This is bad for people who can't aim like me!  And those corners!!  It's so easy to shoot the ball in there and have it end up between the wrong colors.

 The fruits are easily accessible, one in the upper right hand corner and one in the lower left hand corner.  So you may want to use the fruit power up.  But, they don't appear very often for some reason.

 One strategy I have is to work go in circles.  This board takes more wrist movement to aim, so to minimize that, I try to on in one direction to avoid wasting time just to aim.  I also like to use the flame frog to create games so I can get more points with the gap shots.  You can also just let 1 track of balls go far towards the center and then create a big gap through that track like this screenshot.  Another way is to try to keep shooting at the balls directly on top and bottom of the frog because they are the closest to the frog.

 My faovrite power ups this week?  Chrono balls and Multiplier because I don't feel like I need bombs or canons.  Bombs are good because the tracks are close to each other.  But, I would just rather have the multipler and chrono balls because I can average at 2-3 flame frogs a game, which eliminates my need for the bombs.  And I just need that super speed because the balls start up from so far away!  When I don't use it, I feel like I have to wait for the ball to get to the outer tracks. 

Ok, So, that's my quick take for this week's board.  Here's my score so far...I can't believe 5 people already started playing this week's board on my list.  Don't you people have to sleep?  Oh right, I should go to bed now.  Let's see if I can break 1M this week!  Help me out if you have some insights for this week's board!


Delonn said...

this week board my strat is to try and keep those balls on the outmost lane at all times by using chrono, speed and bombs.

I noticed the fruit does not start spawning until the balls gets into the 2nd lane.

Joyce said...

really? i did notice that they don't appear very often..... good luck this week :)

Delonn said...

good luck to you too =p i am trying to raise my lvls to get all the upgrade on powers haha

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