Thursday, January 20, 2011

~ Zuma Blitz Tips: Sand and Surf ~

I am sad to say that once again, I didn't break 1M this past week. Why is it so hard??? Well, many people didn't that board. Supposedly, it was too hard. But, I still got first place! It was a close one though. Second place score was 811k. Even my mom got like 580k.

This week's board looks pretty awesome!  I love the beach and with all this dreary cold weather, I am happy to look a this beautiful sand and surf board for a week. 

As much as I love how this board looks, I actually hate it.  This is why.... I am currently #2!!!  How is this possible?  This board is just so difficult for me!

So, with such a bad score, I don't feel qualify to give tips.  I am having issues with aiming.  The curves suck.  And the track seem to be shorter so better clear the balls quick! I am using bombs, chrono balls and multiplier for power.  Sometimes, I substitute multiplier with canon.  But, canon costs 2x as much and I feel that the results are about the same.  I also bought 24hr mojo so I can have enough mojo to power up. 

Wondering how you can get free idols?  Did you know you can earn Facebook credits by shopping?  You have to click on "Get More" on the upper right hand side in the Facebook sidebar.  Then, this window will popup and you have to click on "Show more payment options".  Then, you'll see "Earn for free by shopping".

 They have Groupons, VistaPrint,,, and more!  Damnit, I should've gotten the $20 Amazon gift card Groupon through this today!  You need 125 Facebook credits to get 800 idols, so two of these smaller items will work.  Then, you can have 24hr XP for 100 idols and 24hr mojo for 15 idols.  Now, you can level up faster and get more power ups!

Wish me luck!  I need it to be #1 for this week's board!


Delonn said...

haha being no2 is cool at times...motivates u to overtake that top spot! I managed to break 1m for last week board ..2hours b4 the new board haha hope u do well this week =p

PS: hate the fruit spot this week thou >.<!

Joyce said...

wow! congrats with the 1m!! the fruits are by the ball entrance and that's always tough!

rick d said...

I was having a lot of trouble with this board, so I decided to punt this week and just play without using any power at all. I figured the scores would be lower but I could build up a lot of mojo. To my surprise, my scores started getting better! Maybe not using bombs make it easier to score somehow?

I'm still way out of your league, I still haven't broken 450 yet. But since I stopped using the bombs this evening, I've broken 400 twice, doubling the amount of times I've done that. Go figure. :)

Joyce said...

I feel like it's really hit and miss for this board.... I have gotten over 600k without powers and i have gotten as low as 150k with powers..... the curves are driving me crazy! :)

Delonn said...

to me the best way to accumulate points for this board are high multiplier + high chain + gap shot. Especially on gap shot the smaller the gap you have the higher points u gain with combo-ed.

so for power i do feel that good'o chrono(staple power haha) and mayb multiplier would be enuff.

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