Sunday, January 2, 2011

~ Magical Swarovski Crystal Balls ~

For some reason, I felt like weaving beads last week. I took out my boxes of Swarovski 6301 bicone pendants and got to work.  Do these look like 3D star or crystal balls?

The bicone pendant comes in 2 sizes in about 20 colors.  I made some solid color ones in both sizes.  The one in the back is a special color called Rose Satin.  It's a sophisticated pink.

This big green one is Peridot Satin.  The big ones are about 30mm wide.  The small ones are about 20mm wide.

I made a bunch thinking and I think I will make some into phone charms and some into necklaces.  I am thinking about earrings too, but I wonder if they will be too big?

When I tried to make the necklace, I realized that the chain will be more secure if I weave it into the bead.  Dangit.  All the completed crystal balls will have to be made into earrings or phone charms!

I paired the crystal ball with a delicate, but strong diamond cut sterling silver rollo chain.  It's just as sparkly as the crystal ball itself!

I wish they have more colors for the bicone pendants though.  They only have jonquil but I want light topaz to make one for myself!  I may just have to settle for jonquil though.  This is the first item for Happy Cloud Moments for 2011!  I hope it does well!

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