Sunday, January 23, 2011

~ Sweet Potato Tator Tots at Yumburgers ~

Last week, I went out for lunch at a neighborhood burger joint called Yumburgers at King Farm. On Yelp, it only has 3 stars, but most of the people just complain about the service. When I went there, the service was just fine though. Maybe they fired the "bad" waitress.

One of the best items on the menu?  The Chester's SweetTots.  It's basically sweet potato tator tots.  Love the buttermilk garlic dressing!

They were so nice and crispy and and a little bit sweet and a little bit salty.  Pretty awesome stuff.

I got the slider lunch combo with beef.  It comes with a soup and 2 sliders.  The beef was a little bit chewy, and I had to eat it with a knife.  It was very tasty with a little kick!  I think you can also get lamp or pork.

This is the clam chowder.  The waiter recommended it and it was delicious!  Very big chunks of clams but not fishy at all.  The combo is $12.99 which is a little bit on the expensive side I think.  But, I don't go out for lunch very often so I don't know what the normal price is.  All I know is Chipotle is under $7 :)

So, waiter was fine.  Food was good.  A little bit expensive.  Clear and modern atmosphere with a full bar and big TV.  Not too crowded on a Friday at 12:30pm.  Not bad at all for a casual, relaxing lunch!


InsideOut Elle said...

ahh so yummy looking. I adore your restaurant posts. I ate at Ninja in NYC after reading your review ^_^!! it was so much fun!

CAPow! said...

sweet potato tots? amazing!!

Joyce said...

@Elle: Yay! I am glad you liked Ninja. It is very fun! I'll be posting alot about food this week...been eating too much :D

@CAPow! they are amazing! you need to try it!

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