Thursday, January 6, 2011

~ Zuma Blitz Tips: Lonely Pond ~

Another week, another Zuma Blitz board. Ooo... and another victory!  *Gloating*

Ok, I am done gloating.  Here's this week's board and I call it Lonely Pond.  Poor froggie is all alone in the middle with all these balls to drive me crazy!  Unlike last week's board, the balls start from the outside and work its way in.  This will test your shooting accuracy.  But the good thing is that the fruits are much easier to get!  Most of the time, it will only be behind 1 track of balls.  Here are the 2 fruit locations.

If you let the balls go too far in the track though, it will be very hard to get to the fruit. 

There are 2 very tricky spots on this board.  That's where the balls on into a little tunnel and come out.  Sometimes you won't even see the ball there, but it's slowly coming out.  So, if you happen to aim at a ball behind that, you will be screwed.

Ok, so tips for this week.  As much as I love the canon, there's no need for it.  Just good old bombs are good enough.  I like Fruit Master because it's easy to get the fruit.  May as well increase the number of times it appears.  Multiplier and Chrono Ball are also great for this board. 

This is my score so far this week.  I am hoping to get past 1M points and then I will gloat some more :)


Delonn said...

haha keep it up! i am still trying to get past 1m for this board too..currently at 979k >.<!

Bitten Usagi said...

I am no where near your level! O.o This week's board has been craziness for me. Mostly I do terribly or I do really awesome but all my friends still kick my score's butt. T^T
I will get them someday I swear!

Joyce said...

@Delonn wow 979k?? i need to beat that!

@Bitten Usagi Keep trying! I am sure you can make the top 3 spot soon :)

aisha said...

I love this game and i keep on playing this game for hours even i am at work in the office and play this game and when get bore it helps me to chill up.

rick d said...

Thanks for all the Zuma tips. I tried using the Cannon but can't figure out what sets it off. And unfortunately Zuma doesn't explain anything about how anything works, it's all trial and error. Can you help out a fellow addict? Thanks.

Joyce said...

Hey Rick,

Canon balls are used just like bomb and chrono balls. It looks like it has 3 circles inside.

Good luck!

Delonn said...

yay finally managed to break past 1m for this board haha...barely 1mil thou >.<!!

Joyce said...

@Delonn, nooooooooooo! i m stuck at like 800k! :( I gave up on this board... waiting for the new board in a few hours! hehe congrats though!

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