Monday, January 24, 2011

~ Zoya Nail Polish Haul and First Manicure with Edyta ~

A few weeks ago, Zoya was doing a free nail polish promotion. Yes, I said free. In fact, it's 3 bottles of free nail polish, except there's a $6.95 shipping charge. Well, that's still pretty good considering these retail for $7 each.  Here are my three:  Ginessa, Shimmer, and Rea. 

 Here's what my husband got for me:  Crystal, Ivanka, and Edyta.  He got the less girly colors :)

I have seen many, many bloggers rave about Edyta.  So, this is the first one I tried.  Edyta is a olive green color with a golden shimmer.  So, I paired it with my OPI Glow Up Already glitter polish.  It has gold, green and a little bit of red in it.  I have been pretty obsessed with glitter lately.

Last week, I did just Glow Up Already on the top half of my nails.  This week, I am putting in from my cuticles going up.  This is 2 coats of Edyta, a little bit of Glow Up Already on the base, and a Seche Verte Top Coat.  Edyta is a pretty opaque color.  One coat is probably sufficient.

I think this combo works pretty well :)  I am more into girly colors so Edyta is not my favorite.  I can't wait to try Crystal in about 2 weeks. Probably going to pair it with the Lipmann Happy Birthday polish or maybe just some pretty nail stickers.  I miss my snowman nail stickers!


H said...

Great selection! I wish the offer had been available in the UK too!
I would have gotten y flatmate, boyfriend & brothers (those disinterested in nail polish) to get me 3 each xD

InsideOut Elle said...

Crystal was a little chunky for looked prettier in the bottle I think but I LOVE Edyta.

And when you do your nails with Ivanka, def take a pic ^_^ it looks gorgeous!

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