Monday, June 1, 2009

~ I Recommend: H2O Plus Hair Repair Seaweed Masque ~

I love this! I have really long hair and I had highlights done this past October. Needless to say, my hair can get dry and brittle. The highlighted strands can get really split, like a tree with lots of branches. But, I like to think that it's not bad. It still looks decently smooth and shiny right? By the way, I don't use any styling products.

About a year ago, my friend was using this stuff at the gym and she shared with me. We lathered it in our hair, sat in the sauna room and basked in the aroma of the sea. I didn't think anything of it. When my hair finally dried (I don't blow dry, I am lazy), I was so surprised that it really felt hydrated! It's not sticky or heavy. It just felt soft. It felt good. And the nice smell stayed till the next time I washed my hair (about 48 hours later). Now, the smell is not your typical girly good smell. It's not fruity, it's not floral. It's.... like the sea :)

It sells online for $17.50. Every once in a while you can find this at TJMaxx for $4.99. I grab all of them every time I see them! Try it next time you see one at TJMaxx. It's worth the $5!!


Emmy said...

your hair is absolutely beautiful! this stuff sounds amazing.

icylotusgirl said...

im glad you still like it!! i usually buy 4 of them in tj maxx! Because they don't restock it all the time! hoho...

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