Friday, June 5, 2009

~ Pretty Nails with Stickers ~

So, I don't do my nails very often. Just don't have the time. But, I have been taking pictures of my creations for my shop with my hand in it (so you can gauge the size of the pieces better) and I realized that my nails are ruining my pictures!

Then, for my brother's wedding, I put some white flower stickers on my nails to look pretty and they turn out so nice in the pictures!

It's so easy too! You just peel them off, put them on and put a top coat. They lasted over a week. Now, the only annoying thing is dealing with these tiny stickers. I bought a kit at Walmart (maybe it was Target) that had the stickers, the top coat and a little stick that helps you put the stickers on. These cost about $2- $5 a sheet. They also have ones that are just little crystals you put on the nails. Fun, fun, fun!

I saw a beach themed sheet at Sally's Beauty Supplies and it was $5. I think that's super expensive, but I couldn't resist. My rationale is that it's perfect for my Beach Glamour collection.

I have about 5 sheets of stickers right now, but I am feeling a little bit obsessive. I want to get a wholesale lot on ebay like this one. I must resist!


icylotusgirl said...

How much do they sell it on ebay? has the fancy ones from Japan!
it's ok to become obsessive! I think i have about

UniqueNurseGranny said...

They look so neat.good ideas

The Beading Gem said...

I too found out that my nails needed a makeover for pictures so they did look decent for my youtube video (full persian chain maille tutorial) but I never thought to use nail stickers. Cool!

addictivecreative said...

That's a really great idea, especially if your nails will be in the's sometimes off-putting when you see yucky nails while trying to sell something!

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