Monday, June 15, 2009

~ Weekly Special: Stardust Bracelet in Rose Elegance ~

To help promote my weekly specials and to show more of the "behind the scene" stuff, I decided to write a little bit on my choice for the weekly special every Monday.

This week, I chose the luxurious Stardust Bracelet in Rose Elegance. I love all of the stardust bracelets. That's what I started with when I started making jewelry again last year. They are unbelievably sparkly. Whenever I wear my very own yellow one, I just stare at it whenever I can, like in the elevator or in the car, waiting at a red light, or when I am talking on the phone.

Rose Elegance is inspired by feminine sophistication. The different shades of pinks are very girly, but add some topaz and browns into it and everything just looks a little more grown up. I added a small fucshia butterfly on the extender to round out the bracelet with that girly innocence. I also love how the dark smoked topaz contrast with the soft and bright pinks. Also, note that this bracelet is made with sterling silver heart chain.

Another thing I like about stardust bracelets is the jingle they make when you move around. Soft and light, it's like the crystals are talking to you. Ok, maybe not. But I like how beads move and sparkle some more!

It takes about 2 - 2.5 hours to make a stardust bracelet. I wirewrap about 60 crystals to the chain, making sure they hang right. It also takes time just to grab all those beads from my bead boxes. I love putting on that last bead in the extender, love the sense of accomplishment and all the beautiful crystals twinkling at me.

So, for this week only, this beautiful bracelet is only $68 shipped. That's $10 off regular price. There's only one available in this price so get it before it's gone!


pxyjk said...
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pxyjk said...

Wow. It looks nice, but a lot of work. It kind of reminds me of these small flowers I saw in a park once.

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