Sunday, June 7, 2009

~ Upcycled Some Sticks ~

I peeked at my dad's tool table yesterday to see what treasures he's hiding in there. This is what I saw lying on the table.

What is that?? Why are there sticks on the table? dad has these metal files that he uses to smooth out miscellaneous things and they don't have a handle. So, my dad found some sticks lying on the ground and thought that they would make great handles. A little bit of sawing, sanding and drilling later...

I was thinking of making this into a tutorial, but I think if you have one of these things, you are crafty enough to know how to make it by looking at it. Please let me know if you need more detailed instructions and I'll ask my dad.

My dad never ceases to amaze me. Now, I feel better about the big tree in front of my house. It does more than shed bags and bags of leaves of my lawn and provide a home for birds to poop on my car. It gives my dad inspiration and materials for his creations.


Violet said...

Hey! I just saw that you love video games as much as me =) What are you playing right now?

Diary of a Young Designer said...

That is so cool! If I had some of those I'd definitely try that. ^-^

Third one here into video games (ok, I'm madly obsessed with Soul Calibur for xbox 360)


Joyce said...

yay video gamers/crafters unite! :D i think i played earlier versions of soul calibur on ps2 in high school....great game :)

sadly i dun have much time for games anymore....just bejeweled on facebook..

Tourmaline2777 said...

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Yulia Rahmawati said...

what is that?

pxyjk said...

You're dad is quite resourceful. Does he know alot about woodcrafting?

Joyce said...

they are just some tools that my dad has lying around.

my dad has no official training, or any training. He just looks and stuff and thinks of how to do it. He built his own tool table from wood. He's... just awesome :)

chinkee224 said...

where's the men's jewelry here?

or is it unisex.

chinkee224 said...

who has a ps2 here?

any for sale.

dandyapple said...

Love these! Props to your paps!

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