Thursday, June 4, 2009

~ My Treasury: I Will Wait Forever ~

Wow, for some reason I thought it was Tuesday when I posted my Summer Dress entry. But, duh, it's Wednesday! I am supposed to do a spotlight. Maybe I need to sleep more...

Anyway, here's this week's spotlight! I was feeling sad and romantic, thinking about the sad love stories I have read and seen on TV, still thinking about the ocean too. So, this spotlight is a little bit more somber than usual. It's a love story. A story of a girl who fell in love by the sea. And how she lost her lover to the sea. And how she despairs and prays for him. For one day, she believes he'll return. She'll wait for him forever.


Diary of a Young Designer said...

It's lovely! Adorably sweet! I love the last picture with the girl on a chair.

Thanks for stopping by my blog!


Diary of a Young Designer said...

Oh. PS: just had to tell you, reading your profile you remind me so much of myself! Trying to balance both things. lol

take care! ^-^

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