Friday, June 12, 2009

~ Journey of My Mind + Preview ~

I was busy making stuff all last weekend! I felt very inspired! Some days I sit there and just can't make anything I like. Some days, I just can't stop making stuff, don't even want to sleep. Last weekend was a few of those good days.

If you look at the things I made in order, I think you may see a pattern. I have a little notebook full of design ideas, but sometimes when I pick up the beads, something different emerge all together. Let me show you my creativity journey.

I started with playing with some clear Swarovski rhinestone rondelles, thinking about bridal stuff. Came up with a necklace that I liked a lot.

It reminds me of a crown for some reason. Of course, I have to make matching earrings for the bride. Just something simple to compliment the necklace. I love using leverbacks for bridal stuff. Adds so much elegance and they are not likely to fall off during the crazy dancing.

Now, of course I have to make a colorful version! So, I made a blue one and a green one. I added pink rondelles for a little contrast. I really love how they turned out!

Then, I started playing with matching earrings and decided to go with something simple again. But, I wanted to bring out the pinks instead of the greens and blues. One pair of earrings to match both necklaces!

I really like those pinks together so I put a bunch of the rondelles on a delicate chain and voila. Another necklace to match the earrings.

I was playing with new beads I got from BellasBeadsAndMore for the extender for that necklace. I love those lucite flowers! Naturally, I had to make earrings with them.

Ok all that pink, now it's time for my favorite color yellow!

So cute. greedy and made a yellow necklace for myself. Love that yellow jade! I would put it in my shop, but I am out of that yellow lucite flower.

To round off the weekend, I made stuff to match creations from the week before. Cute, dangly earrings for the Girlie Girl bracelet.

And a starfish necklace for the Stranded earrings.

My goal for the weekend was just the starfish necklace and the girlie girl earrings. Somehow it ended up being a royal floral creation extravaganza. My craft room looks like a bead bomb exploded in it. I guess I should take some time this weekend to clean...or maybe another extravaganza?


Piggy said...

Great pieces! I love them! I am not really a crystal fan... but I love your designs and you really make the pieces come alive and are so tempting :) Great work and thanks for sharing!

kim* said...

gorgeous :)

Jules said...

Oh wow! Those are absolutely gorgeous! Very unique :)

Elephunk said...

Hooray for productive weekends! Great work.

Sarah Knight said...

those are all quite exquisite
: )

Diary of a Young Designer said...

They are all beautiful! I haven't had a productive weekend for a while, been too busy with ton of take home work from my day job.


StormsHandicrafts said...

Wow! I love all necklaces and earrings you made! They are so gorgeous!

pxyjk said...

The lucite flowers are nice. The circle ones remind me of lifesavers or the unit that powered up the suit in the Ironman movie.

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