Thursday, June 25, 2009

~ Baby Giraffes and More ~

Mr Giraffe and Mrs Giraffe had lots of kids! This is Mr. Giraffe. He is an African Cichlids from Lake Malawi. Ok, he was probably born in Maryland, but his ancestors are from Lake Malawi.

The baby Giraffes like to hide underneath the shell. They are cute when they come out! They have little spots already, just like their mommy and daddy.

Can you see them?

Here are more babies.

Can you spot the baby fish?? So, baby fish live in their mommy's mouth for about 3 weeks while they go from egg to fish. My dad sometimes squeeze the babies out a little early to give the mommy a break. You can tell it's a little early because the baby still has part of the egg as its tummy.

Don't worry, they like to hide in the rocks. They won't get hurt.

These are the toddler zebras. I like them. They have a good pattern and they are yellow!

Ok, I don't know who this guy is, but he's hansome.

Here's our pregnant fish tank. Pregnant fish can't eat 'cause they have the eggs/babies in their mouth. We have to separate them from regular fish so they don't get tempted when we feed them and accidentally eat their eggs.

So, a few weeks ago, my fiance found this good deal for a 125 gallon tank plus 2 other tanks and equipment on craigslist. He and my dad drove for an hour to grab everything. Now, it took a while for them to set it up but it's finally done!

Isn't the castle awesome? It's framed by those fibre optics thingies with LED lights underneath it that rotate in color.

That red thing is a nylon rope toy that Momo destroyed. It sure looks nice in the fish tank!

See the little sparkle next to the yellow flower? Those are some of my broken cubic zirconia beads. Sometimes, I get real tough with the beads and they crack. Oops. It's ok. They look great in the fish tanks!

In total, we have 9 tanks. I think only 6 of them are occupied right now. I think our house is turning into an aquarium. We are selling the toddler and teen fishes and some of the tanks. We actually sold like 70 fish these past couple of days on craigslist. After all that, we still have like 250 fishes, mostly African Cichlids.


CAPow said...

I LOVE this post! I am obsessed with Cichlids and I want to set up a big tank SOOO bad, but I'm waiting until we buy our house because I don't want to have to move a ginormous tank. I'm so jealous of all your beautiful fish!

Joyce said...

You should start looking on craigslist. Sometimes people even give away ginormous tanks for free because they just need someone with a big enough truck to move it. Good luck!

LillyShayStyle said...

I have African Cichlids and an Oscar! We are down to one African Cichlid. One of them kept killing everyone so we gave him away via freecycle. So now, it's just the two of them with some sucker fish.
Mine never had babies, I'm so jealous!
They are beautiful and fun fish to have.

~*Neuromancer*~ said...

The fishies are amazing! I can't believe the colors- they're so pretty!

And the NEW aquarium is absolutely stunning! I'm envious!

My roommate and I are moving next month, and he's got a 175 gal tank that he hasn't set up yet... I told him, he HAS to put it together once we move! I can't wait, and I hope it comes out close to looking like yours!

I only have Merv the skinny bottom-feeder (of some sort) left in my little tank, he killed my fancy guppies. So... He's in there alone, but I just might let him loose in the BIG tank once we move :D

And I LOVE LOVE LOVE the idea of putting broken stones/beads in the aquarium- what an idea!!

pxyjk said...

how often does your dad sell fish on CL?

Joyce said...

this past weekend, every day someone came to buy fish...we are almost out of babies to sell

pxyjk said...

Does your dad turn a profit on it? I was actually thinking about doing it a few years ago. I had a neighbor who owned a fish store.

Joyce said...

no profit if you count the time he spends taking care of the fish but he likes's like my etsy store :D hobby with a little bit of income hehe

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