Sunday, June 28, 2009

~ DIY Ribbon Organizer ~

I recently got a bunch of ribbons to package my precious jewelry for my Etsy shop. My dad saw the rolls of ribbons scattered on my craft table and said, "I got something for you!" and grabbed all my ribbons and disappeared into his "lab". A half an hour later...

Isn't my dad awesome??? So basically, he took one of the bamboo sticks that we have to prop up our tomatoes and other plants in the hard (available at Walmart/Home Depot), cut it in half and attached it to a wheel. Then, attach a rubber band to hold everything in. Just awesome.

You may be wondering....wheel?!?! Yes, it is a wheel.

It's from my brother's ab slider roller. I think he used it twice. He probably forgot he even got this thing. My dad even used the blue cover for something else, but I will save that for another post. Can you guess what he made with the round cover?

This ribbon organizer is awesome. I just take it out, hold it with one hand and pull on the ribbon I want with the other hand. For a casual ribbon user like myself, this is perfect. An avid ribbon user may want to have this hang horizontally somewhere so she doesn't have to hold it.

In summary, total cost of this ribbon organizer is less than a dollar if you want to count the bamboo stick and rubber band. And it took only 30 mins to make! You can use other stuff as base I guess. I think you can also use blank CD holders as is to hold the ribbons. I can even imagine installing a toilet paper holder or a paper towel holder in your craft rooms for your ribbons. What do you use to organize your ribbons?


The Rich Ant said...

Very nice Blog and the design is beautiful!I am now a follower!

pxyjk said...

couldn't he use a lugnut or something on top also? As for the other part of the roller, I'm curious what he did with it. You could use it as a measuring device, but I'm going to guess some kind of dispenser.

Anonymous said...

Aw, your dad is so nice for making that for you. :)

shells said...

Aw, you gotta love Dads! Very cool idea :)

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