Thursday, June 11, 2009

~ Momo's Nylabone Fetish ~

I consider Momo to be an avid chewer. He specially loves to destroy all his plush toys and spread the stuffings all over the floor. Ropes? Yeah, those may last a week or two. Then, you'll see strands all over the floor...and maybe in his poop.

So, I was very excited when he took interest in the nylabone (regular size), specially the bacon flavored one. He has chewed it till its knuckles are gone. See the new one compared to the old one? That took 6 months to wear down.

I saw the edible nylabones at Petsmart so I got some for him to try. I thought they are supposed to be chewables, like he can chew on it for months. I gave it to him. Put the rest of the away in the cabinet. Got him some water and this is what was left of it.

Now he's obsessed with that treat. I put it on top of the tv and he tried to climb on the tv. He was whining non-stop for it. Yes, he's a whiner. He whines whenever he sees something he wants or needs me to retrieve his toys from under the couch.

So, yeah, Nylabones are awesome! Love them. Got him the chocolate flavored one, but he doesn't seem to care for it much. He's in love with the bacon flavored one. The edible ones? He loves them, but I don't. He shouldn't eat that much in 10 minutes and I can't break it off in little pieces for him.

O yeah, I got him the dental chew too. He played with it for 5 minutes and forgot about it.

Bonus picture! Here he is chilling in my happy chair (that's the chair I sit on when I make jewelry). Now that I have moved all my beads into my fiance's office, Momo gets to hang out there with me and his nylabones every night.


jiorji said...

oh he's so cute!!

Erica Leigh said...

your dog is soooo cute!!! i'm in love with him. :)

Carol said...

Momo is just adorable. Cute how he whines for his treats.

pxyjk said...

sounds like you need to go back to the old nylabones.

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