Friday, June 19, 2009

~ Sneak Attack on 3 Shops ~

Yay! Sneakers Unite! Let's attack!!! Today, there will be 3 shops and the attack will commense at 7pm Etsy time. For more information, check out the Handmade Movement site. Check out the preparty at the forum thread!

Here are the shops and sales so far: (13 sales tonight)
This shop has a big variety of items! Some upcycled coolness like this gift card mini notebook. Love it.

These are so pretty. I wish I scrapbook :) (9 sales tonight)
This shop has cute little polymer clay stud earrings. I love the sushi ones:

They have a Feng Shui line. Very colorful and meaningful. And they come in matching felt pouches. Kawaii! (4 sales tonight)
Another bath and body shop. This one has one sexy sounding scrub with a sexy picture to match.

This looks sexy too!

I think this has been an overall successful attack! Great job to all the fellow sneakers and to Glenna of VintageEmbellishment for helping out with shop selection today. *Applause*

1 comment:

Kate8085 said...

I think this whole Sneak Attack thing is wonderful!
Can you nominate a shop for it?
I would love to nominate my friend's new

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