Tuesday, June 23, 2009

~ Weekly Special: Princess Mori's Necklace ~

This week, I picked out one of my favorite pieces at the moment. This necklace is part of the Princess series becaues they look like a crown to me. Each pendant is made out of 7 Swarovski bicones strung on a thin sterling silver wire with Swarovski rhinestone rondelles in between. Then, I close the circle of sparkliness with a pink crystal rondelle. I love how the pink constrast with the different shades of green.

Then, I close the necklace with a matching pink rondelle and added an extender with a green crystal. I love extenders. It makes it easier to match different necklines by adjusting the length.

I love it with a polo shirt or a dress shirt.

I also made simple earrings to match the necklace.

Here are the other colors.

A little bit about the name now... Mori is Japanese for forest. When I was writing the description, this little story just came into my head:
Princess Mori, the princess of the forests, hops along hidden trails, in and out of rays of sunlight. Everywhere she goes, she leaves behind droplets of sparkling green crystals of life, forever dripping from her magical pendant.

In my head, Princess Mori is like a fairy, barefoot, with a flowing short dress in shimmering shades of green. She also wears an anklet with a silver bell that chimes with her every step. Imagination running wild!

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The Beading Gem said...

Just scrumptious! Beautiful and colorful!

BTW, I just awarded you a blog award. Please check my blog for the write-up.

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