Thursday, June 18, 2009

~ Fun with Firebug ~

Oh my god!!! I am the Featured Seller!!! I can't believe it!!!! I just want to thank everyone for their support and love.

I mean it's about time I make it as a featured seller after 80000+ sales in 6 months for jewelry!

Because I am a featured seller, they also let me test out their new discount feature! Look at that! Isn't it awesome?!?!?!

Ok.....I am just kidding. I should've waited for April Fool's day, but I had to make an invoice so I thought I would just do it in Firebug. While I am at it, why not make myself a featured seller too right? And have 80,000+sales. A girl can dream! I should print those out for motivation.

So, Firebug is a web site debugging tool that I use regularly at work to test and fix web applications. Basically, you can change anything on the web page on the fly. The changes only appear in your Firefox and no one else can see it. So, don't be getting any weird phishing ideas now.

I am sure an average graphics artist can do this using Photoshop or something, but this is so much easier! You just need to know some very basic HTML. And yes, I am a nerd! :)


Elephunk said...

Haha that's great! You should be the featured seller for reals, your work is gorgeous!

Parkside Harmony said...

You totally got me! I was like, 80,000 sales- how does she make that much stuff so fast? HahaHaHa :)

Kate8085 said...

I was like "What? 80,000 in 6 months?!"
You little joker , you.

Tea said...

LOL! oh...~blushes~ I really believed it!

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