Wednesday, May 5, 2010

~ Cava's Harissa Sauce and Bouquets at Whole Foods ~

One reason I love Cava is their Harissa sauce. It's sad that they are really pricey now. But, I have found the Harissa sauce at Whole Foods in Kentlands!! Now, I just buy some pita bread, pop them into the toaster oven, put the sauce in a pretty white plate, turn down the lights at my house and pretend I am at Cava.

This container is pretty big. It's 8.5 oz for about $6. It may seem expensive, but it's cheaper than going to Cava! The sauce has a kick to it for sure. Even my fiance thinks it's spicy! I keep eating it and drinking water and I just can't stop!

Next time you stop by Whole Foods, grab one! Speaking of Whole Foods, I was actually pretty mad at them a little while ago. I went to Whole Foods at Kentlands to ask about it. The customer service person told me to call the next day to talk to the florals department manager. I called and the person I talked to told me to go in at any time to talk to someone from florals or the marketing department. I went in again and they said no one can help me there and I have to call them. So, I called them again and finally talked to a person in florals and she said "Sorry, one of us is going on maternity leave so we can't handle a wedding order right now." Thanks for wasting my time Whole Foods! I ended up calling the ones in Bethesda and Rockville. They both can do it, but basically, you are just buying flowers from them. Then, they wrap them with a ribbon for you. Their flowers are very pretty, but I just don't want to bother with it anymore. Oh well, I will just have to pay for a real florist.

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