Saturday, May 22, 2010

~ All Natura Lemon and Sugar Face Scrub ~

Kandee is a talented, wonderful make-up artist who always have beautiful words of encouragement and wisdom for her readers. I love all her make-up tutorials videos, but I never really tried her tricks because I just don't even put on make-up that much. But, she recently put up a video about a simple lemon and sugar face scrub that even a beauty simpleton like me can follow.

One reason that I believe Kandee about this simple regimen is that her skin looks awesome! She used the scrub in the video. Her face was naked and look how beautiful it is! She is absolutely radiant! Here's a still picture of her from her blog post.

So, I tried it. I am not going to show a picture of my naked face because it's just not as pretty. Maybe, if I do it a few more times. But, here's my lemon and sugar. I forgot that she said to dilute it if you have sensitive skin. I didn't dilute the lemon juice and it stung just a little bit. Next time, I am going to dilute it. But my face did feel very good after using the scrub. It just felt very fresh. I am definitely going to try it again! Let me know how you like it if you try it.

Kandee also has other wonderful videos and tutorials like how to get rid of undereye circles and how to shape your eye brows. She makes everything looks so easy and explains it so well. Be sure to subscribed to her blog to learn more!!

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