Thursday, May 6, 2010

~ Momo on a Swing ~

Over the weekend, it was sunny and so nice outside! So, I took Momo out to explore my neighborhood. Guess what? I found a little playground about 3 blocks away! They have a little baby swing. So, of course, I have to put Momo in it. Doesn't he look so excited? Maybe, it was the 90 degree weather....

Sitting there was no problem for him. But, I think he was a little apprehensive when I pushed the swing.

What's going on here??

I don't think he was scared though. He didn't make any noise.

It was so hot! I couldn't go any further so I just went home. It was nice though. So, hopefully, I will be taking more walks with Momo from now on. Look what I found along the little paths! It's so pretty even though it's starting to wilt. I love all the flowers in my neighborhood!


Lo Christine said...

That is so cute!!!

Christy said...

This is beyond adorable! My dog would love to do this.

I just shared your blog on a recent post "Happy 101" since I always love reading your posts! :)

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