Wednesday, May 26, 2010

~ Sweet and Tangy Chicken from Take Me Out ~

Today, my friend took me to get "wings" at a little place in Pilsen of Chicago called Take Me Out. He said it's the exact same recipe as the famous hot wings of the Great Seas on Lawrence. From what I read on Yelp, it sounds like Take Me Out is owned by the daughter of the Great Seas owners. So, the recipe should be the same.

These yummy wings are called Hotties. There are different kinds and I got the Buffalo Hotties with purple rice. I love purple rice because it tastes just as good as regular rice and it's good for you! The wings were yummy! It's sweet, sticky and spicy. The wings are plump and juicy, not like some wings place that overfry the wings. I ordered it to be "spicy" but it wasn't too bad. It was a decent burn.

This is the healthy hotties. It's basically the sweet and spicy sauce stir fried with chunks of chicken breasts and broccoli. It was really good!!! It's all about the sauce and the sauce was so good with the rice! I ate all the rice and left a few pieces of wings for my brother.

The decor of the place is simple and modern. It looks like a small fast food joint and that's what it is. It's like a modern take of a Chinese chop suey take out joint.

If your tongue is burning from the hotties, head over to Tienda Mini-Mart across the little street for some Italian ice or ice cream.

I don't care for Italian ice, but my friend loves it. He got the strawberry lemonade flavor. There's a little sign there that says to try it with chili powder. Really?? The nice owner said that a lot of people ask for it. Let me know if you try it. What's the big deal?

So, this is the first of a few food posts from my Chicago trip. Are you excited? I gained 2 lbs over 1 weekend here. Too much food!!!

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Angie said...

That looks delicious!

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