Monday, May 24, 2010

~ Instant Ice Cream with Liquid Nitrogen at iCream Cafe ~

One thing I love about my friends is that they take me out to eat whenever I am in Chicago. They know some great places to eat. Maybe that's why I gained 2 lbs since I arrived a few days ago. It was really hot yesterday and they brought me to this special ice cream place called iCream Cafe in Wicker Park.

What's so special? Well, they make the ice cream/frozen yogurt on the spot. Like from liquid to yummy ice cold creamy goodness after you order. They use these machines and liquid nitrogen to quickly freeze the ice cream right there for you! They can make ice cream, yogurt and pudding, all with low fat options. You get to pick the flavor and toppings. You can even pick the color except for the chocolate flavor. It's very fun!

I got raspberry and hazenut with oreo crumbs. And yes, I asked them to make it yellow. Unfortunately, there was no raspberry taste at all. It wasn't bad. It was just bland. And it melted really quickly too.

My friend got a mixture that was recommended on the wall. They have some good suggestions on the wall that you can pick from if designing your own ice cream is too much for you. Please excuse the horrible picture. I was having a hard time not shaking the camera for some reason.

Overall, the ice cream was ok. It's very cool to watch them make it. The line was not very long, but it took a good amount of time for them to make everyone's ice cream. I do like how it's very close to the park so it was easy to just walk over there and hang out. Perfect activity for a nice summer day. Here's a random picture taken a couple doors down from iCream. It's kind of candid. I like it :) My friend is a good photographer and he gave me some good tips. I am officialy addicted to photography. I want a Nikon. :)

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