Monday, May 3, 2010

~ Illusions, DIY Sneakers, and 3D Tetris ~

Check out what I read about this past week!

80 Rain Photographs I love pictures of water droplets! This is an awesome collection of photographs that uplifted my dreary spirits during this rainy week.

Funny and Artistic 404 pages on BitRebels I never thought I will smile when I see a 404 error page, but I did. Here are a few of my favorites from the article. I think this is from Spirited Away.

Please excuse the foul language, but this is funny :)

I saw a lot of amazing art this week, mostly from Bit Rebels! This one made me bust out my sketchpad. I was going to doodle too, but it looks so messy compared to these "doodles" by Irina Vinnik. I gave up.

I have seen some of the sidewalk chalk art illusions before through forwarded emails. Richard Darell put together a impressive list on Bit Rebels this week. Feast your eyes on these 76 awesome illusions.

I saw Amy Sol's magical work on Epheriell Designs. Wow! I love it. So soft and surreal! She makes stars look sophisticated!

If pins are not your thing, maybe you want to design your own sneakers. That's right, you can design and SELL sneakers through Zazzle!

Here's a fun game for you Tetris lovers: Torus by Ben Joffe. It's a 3D twist to the regular Tetris game. It has 3 modes for endless hours of fun! It takes a minute to get used to the 3D. My high score for traditional mode is 13575. Beat that! :)

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