Tuesday, May 11, 2010

~ Big Selection of Polymer Clay Doll Head Beads ~

I love these doll head beads. They are just so cute! I have made a few charms with them for my jewelry shop before and sold a few. It's really easy! I will post some tutorials this weekend.

On my last trip to Hong Kong, I found a new supplier for these beads so I was able to lower my price on them. I got a variety too! Here are some for your life events like wedding, graduation, babies, first day of school and first time seeing snow. And there's a nurse too :)

I like these fantasy ones more! There are witches, Japanese styles, fairies and fruity hats. I love the fairy one. The hair and flowers are so intricate and pretty!

These are the regular girls. I love the one with the short curl hair that look like roses! They are like anime characters!

Of course there are ones for the 12 signs of the zodiac! Which one is your favorite? I am very happy with the Scorpio one. But Libra and Gemini are a little bit weird.

They also make ones for the Chinese zodiac. I don't have all of them though. The dragon one looks like a deer. But, a dragon is supposed to have a deer head right?

I am still in the process of listing some of these in my supplies shop. Some of them are already in my artfire shop too. Speaking of Artfire, I had my first sale! I hope there will be many more to come. When my first month is up, I will tell you about the stats and a more thorough review of Artfire as a venue. So far, the views are fairly low. I hope they pick up soon! Anyway, come back for tutorials this weekend!


Sheree said...

I bought some things from you at the glebe markets the other weekend- at least I think that was you??!

I LOVE the earrings - polymer clay heads of the curly haired girl with yellow flowers - I wear them often! and Im enjoying the big letter ball neclace!

I'm wondering if you could make me something else? I'd love a neclace of all different heads (I love the girly ones with fancy coloured and styles of hair) ...

Joyce said...

Hello :)

Sorry, it wasn't me. If you can't find who it was, I can try to make the necklace for your. Please feel free to contact me at happycloudmoments [at] gmail [dot] com

Sheree said...

aw okay! Well, sure, how much would you charge for a neclace of these darling polymer faces in AU $?

tenzin nordol said...

beautiful heads, can I buy them?

Joyce said...

Hello tenzin,

Please visit my artfire shop (http://happycloudsupplies.artfire.com) or etsy shop (http://happycloudsupplies.etsy.com) to buy these beads!

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