Sunday, May 9, 2010

~ Top 10 Reasons I Love My Mom ~

Happy Mother's Day to all you lovely Moms out there! Today, I can't be with my mom because we live so far away from each other. I already got her a present though! My mom loves beauty products and I have heard so many good things about this. So, I got it for her from Sephora when they were doing 20% cashback. She got it already. She said it's good, but it is too big to get the areas around her nose.

This is my mom, my fiance and my dad when we had a pre-wedding banquet in Hong Kong. Isn't my mom so pretty? :)

Let me tell you why I love my no particular order.
  1. She's so pretty! Not just because she always look young enough to be my older sister, but because she's so graceful and has such a pretty smile!
  2. She is a great cook. She cooks very healthy food too! She used to buy fresh groceries and cook for us every day in Hong Kong. Her cooking is on the blander and healthier side with less MSG and oil. And she knows American dishes too!
  3. She stood by me while I struggled to learn English and through out my school days. She was a tough mom, but she didn't just tell me to do my homework. She sat there and helped me. I remember I had to read a story about Robin Crosoe and she stayed up with me to look up all the words with me.
  4. She's wise. She insisted on giving us a great education and stood by us the whole time.
  5. She let me go. She taught me to take care of myself. When I wanted to away for college, she said ok. When I wanted to move away for work, she helped me pack and made the road trip with me and my dad. She let me go, and when I need help, she was there.
  6. She took me to Hong Kong. I love Hong Kong because so many of my extended family is there. I love feeling the warmth of family and my mom knows how much I love it there. So she brought me there every year during college, took me shopping and eating.
  7. She's the real happy cloud. She's always cheerful and happy and it's infectious!
  8. She's very generous. She loves giving things to people. She says she doesn't spoil kids, but she loves to give my cousins toys and everything they want. She also brings suitcases full of goodies every time she goes to Hong Kong. Every time I go to her house, she asks me if I want anything from her pantry. Not only for me, but for my friends too!
  9. She has Facebook. She's so trendy! Even though we live apart now, she keeps in touch with me through Facebook and the phone. It's so much easier :)
  10. She knows a little of everything. Any time I have a problem, I ask her about it. From a hole in a shirt to dead plants in the yard to cooking questions, she just loves to share her experiences with me.
I said before that I would write a 100 reasons, but that's too much details for everyone and will probably bore you. Anyway, Happy Mother's Day Mom! Love you!

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mu-yin jewelry said...

love the "she let me go" part.It's not easy for any mom, and probably especially difficult for Asian moms!

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