Tuesday, April 13, 2010

~ Homemade Salmon Sashimi ~

Does this look good or what?

So, I have always wondered if the sashimi I see at the Lotte international grocery store is any good. It's a little scary to eat raw fish like that. But, when it's served to me in a restaurant, then I think it's all safe. But, I figure I will give it a try. Only $5 for a big piece and it probably won't kill me right?

I was wondering if I need to soak it in wine or something to disinfect it. I googled it real quick and it seems like I can just slice it and eat it. So, that's all I did. Sliced it thin with a sharp knife and put it on a pretty plate.

Then, add some wasabi and soy sauce and voila! Salmon sashimi! I am not expert with fish but to me, it tastes just as good as the ones I eat at Japanese restaurants. My fiance agreed with me too. We ate this yesterday and we are still alive. So, not bad at all for $5. I think it is going to be a regular purchase for me from now on. Sorry, Yuraku, I can have my salmon sashimi fix at home now :)

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