Sunday, April 11, 2010

~ Waterman's Beachwood Grill at Virginia Beach ~

I am so full! Here in Virginia beach, there are lots and lots of restaurants on the board walk. But which one is good? Well, I was talking to some hotel employees and they highly recommended Waterman's Beachwood Grill. I checked on Yelp and it looks like they have decent reviews, although it's only 3.5 stars. So, we headed over there around 8 and guess what? 1 hr wait! Oh well, we decided to wait since they are supposed to have the greatest "she crab soup".

Well the soup was pretty damn good! There were a couple huge chunks of crab meat in there. Very creamy and rich with flavor and not too salty at all.

The waiter said the calamari is the best on that broadwalk. It's fresh, never frozen and...I forgot what else he said. But, it was pretty good. The sweet chili sauce that came with it was great! I haven't had calamari with a sauce like that before. The banana peppers were also a great compliment to the calamari. It was quite refreshing. The only problem was that the portion is kinda small.

I had the Waterman's special pasta. It is the waiter's favorite, supposedly. It has scallops, shrimps and this sausage that meshes really well with the creamy sauce. I liked it!

The crab cakes are also pretty good. It's really lumps of crab and not a lot of filler. It was a little too salty for me though. But I guess if you eat it with the mash potatoes, it will be fine because that didn't taste like anything.

So, the place was pretty good. Price is average for a beach side restaurant. We had a table by the window facing the beach. That was very nice. The bar seemed to be pretty lively too. Supposedly, they have a really good "Orange Crush" drink, but I didn't have one. I am a good girl ;)

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