Friday, April 2, 2010

~ Impressed with My Missha Haul ~

A couple months ago, I saw that Missha was having a good sale from JeweledThumb blog. I have never heard of Missha before, but it looked like such a good deal that I started reading reviews of their products. Doesn't seem bad at all, so I thought I would give it a try. I ordered three things: B.B Boomer, Perfect Cover B.B. Cream and M Shimmering Blusher.

But there was so much more in the box! There's a gold bag with hearts...

Super deluxe sampler set. JeweledThumb blog has a review on this set.

There's also nail polish remover, more super aqua samples and a charm!

It was awesome to open this box. All that for $50 shipped. Just awesome. So, I used the BB Boomer and BB Cream and the blush and I love them all! I got No.23 for the BB Cream and it matches perfectly with my skin. I used the BB Boomer and then the BB Cream and my face looked very natural and soft. The coverage wasn't enough to completely hide my blemishes though. However, it's lasting power is amazing. I still looked the same after I got off work today. I was just waiting for my skin to dry up and peel, but it didn't! The blush has a very light color. It's super cute though! The brush is very very soft.

I am very happy with everything I tried so far from Missha. I just went back to the site and noticed that they have another BB Cream now. They are doing a promotion from now to the 4th, free BB Boomer when you buy this new BB Cream for $46. Free shipping over $40. :D

They also have a lot of good deals in their clearance section. Look at the nail polish! Only 29 cents! They also have a bunch of super aqua products in this section. I am so very, very tempted. I have $100 worth of stuff in my cart right now. I am not supposed to buy anything after my Hong Kong trip, but I am out of eye cream's just such a good deal! Ah.....the pain of being a shopaholic!

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Jeweled Thumb said...

Yay! I'm so glad you like everything you got. I'm super glad I discovered Missha myself. =)

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