Thursday, April 8, 2010

~ Eating Frog Legs on the Streets of Hong Kong ~

There's something about eating outdoors that makes me feel all special. Maybe it's because when I eat outside, it must be really nice outside and nice weather always makes me feel good. In America, eating outside seems like such a luxury with those iron cast tables and chairs and maybe a nice little umbrella to set the mood. Well, in Hong Kong, eating outside is pretty....well ... normal and definitely not as glamorous. Seriously, that was our table.

We went to this restaurant for their famous chicken. It was in an alley and they were so full that they had to open a table for us in front of a doctor's office.

The food was pretty good though. We had broccoli and frog. Yes, I said it. It's frog.

See? Frog legs. Frog really just tastes like chicken.

And this is the famous chicken. See the yellow skin? That's some good stuff!!! I just noticed the frog bones in the back. Just ruins the whole picture doesn't it?

It was a little cold though. But it was still fun to eat with my mom and my aunt there.

This street is pretty much empty with stores on both sides during the day. At night, the restaurants just bring out all the tables and people eat on the street. Hong Kong people love eating at night!

There are a lot of snacks you can eat on the streets too. Just standing there, no tables, no chairs. I will show you guys that over the weekend :)

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