Saturday, April 3, 2010

~ Twilight: Eclipse and Breaking Dawn ~

Like I predicted, I didn't sleep at all during my 16 hour flight to Hong Kong. How can I sleep when I have Edward and Jacob fighting over Bella?

Eclipse is an awesome book. I just couldn't put it down. Parts of it was so funny! I was smiling to myself when Bella broke her hand when she tried to punch Jacob.

And of course there were all those mushy scenes with Edward and Bella. I felt totally like I was Bella when she opened her window to wait for Edward even after they were fighting. Yeah, that would be me. Even if I am mad at my fiance, I don't want to spend the night without him :)

Near the end, it was pretty exciting. There were moments when I thought Bella would give up Edward to be with Jacob. Good thing she didn't. I would've ripped the book apart if she did. I do think that Eclipse and Twilight are the best out of the series.

Breaking Dawn was very good too. Who doesn't want to go to a private island for honeymoon? But, it dragged a little bit during Jacob parts of the book. Perhaps, it's just that I don't care for Jacob.

But the story ended well, and everything fell into place. Edward and Bella are now vampires and Jacob found the love of his life. Yay! The end was a little boring though. A lot of tension and not a lot of action. That's not going to make a good movie.

It's been over a month and I still think about Bella and Edward and the whole Twilight world. I just want to be a vampire! I already have the fangs, just need the immortality, the golden eyes and radiating beauty. I also feel like Bella right now, thinking about how if I am to be a vampire, I need to become one soon! I am getting old! Ok, I guess you can say I am a little too immersed in the Twilight world. Hmm...but I am not the only one right?


Angela said...

haha twilight was deff a good series.

liisaa said...

lol I loved Twilight and I did get a little bored of the Jacob part in breaking the dawn but I do adore jacob more than edward and so happy he atleast got paired with someone he loved! No idea how good of a movie it will turn out to be though =/ since there isnt really much action.

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