Monday, April 19, 2010

~ New Lampwork Glass Charms ~

I spent a lot of time taking pictures yesterday! I have been collecting these charms for a while now, but haven't had time to list them in my supplies shop. This is most of it, but I am still not done taking pictures of them. Here are the four "collections".

Owls I love these owls! The blue ones and the red ones are the babies and the topaz ones are the wise ones. Though I wonder if the owl obsession on Etsy is over.

Aquatics Goldfish, puffy tropical fish and a star. The star is very special because it glows in the dark. It's actually pretty bright!

Farm Animals Pigs, chicken, sheeps and their guard dogs. The guard dogs also glow in the dark. I only have 2 though.

Sunshine Yellow Ok, I just lumped a bunch of the yellow ones together. There's the nerdy chick, bumble bee, angel, princess, pineapples and corn. The nerdy chick is so funny. I love the glasses.

Oops...forgot to include these bunnies.

These charms are great for purse charms, phone charms, lamp pull charms, scissor charms and more! I think the glow in the dark ones are perfect for lamp pulls because they glow. I actually have a glow in the dark star hanging on the chain for my ceiling fan in my room. It's super cute in the dark! I have started listing these in my shop. If you see anything here that's not in my shop and you want it now, just let me know.

~ Which one is your favorite? ~

1 comment:

Teresa said...

My fav? The sheep. They are the next best thing to alpacas! The bunnies are cute too!

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