Sunday, April 25, 2010

~ Pearls, Worms and Immortality ~

I follow a lot of blogs and I spend my lunch time reading them everyday. That's about 200 articles a day! Every week, I am wowed and inspired by many of these articles and I just want to share :)

Drink water out of a box! on BitsRebel I really do hate bottled water, but it's somewhat of a necessary evil. I carry one around with me whenever I go out in the summer. I do try to use the bottle a couple of times though, but, after a few times, they go to the recycle bin. These boxed water looks promising! Though it is not as easy to hold and not as safe for the purse. But, I think these will be great for picnics and such.

The only animal that can live forever...on BitsRebel Did you know that a species of Jellyfish can go from adult to baby to adult as many times as they want? So, technically, they can live forever!

Hand carved acrylic jewelry by kyoko hashimoto on ScoutieGirl Wow! What a great find! I can't believe this is handcarved!

Grow worms in your backyard! I learned about red wrangler worms from the Modish Blog this week. They are great for composting your food wastes! This post shows an easy way to make a compost bin so the bag of salad you swear you were gonna eat 2 weeks ago won't be going to waste anymore. Just feed it to your worms! Did you know that... "Food waste is the third largest waste stream after paper and yard waste, which means we pay for the food to go bad, then pay for it again to be taken to the landfill. . . then it pollutes the ever-livin' worm poop outta this here earth. " I hate worms, but I hate wasting food even more. Besides, there are worms in my yard anyway. More won't hurt.

Pearl from Beading Gem wrote about Conch Pearls. What? There are conch pearls?? I didn't know that! Conch are such cool creations! Ever since I went to Turks and Caicos and saw them, I have fallen in love with their soft pink and peach shells. And now, Pearl tells me that they produce pearls too? They are just such awesome creations. Another reason I loved this article is because it has some science and earth friendly results too. Check it out :)

Which one of these is your favorite article?

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The Beading Gem said...

Glad you found my post interesting! I didn't know about conch pearls myself until I came across the scientific discovery.

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