Thursday, April 15, 2010

~ Strawberries and Condensed Milk ~

I love condensed milk. I like to add it to hot chocolate and make sandwiches with it. Now, I have discovered another good use for it....dip for strawberries!

I never had a strawberry till I was in college. I used to dislike them. But recently, I am obsessed with them. I don't know why! They do look pretty :)

These are the huge ones. Kinda like a few strawberries lumped into one.

Speaking of huge fruits, look what I found at the grocery store. This is like the biggest orange I have ever seen! It's the size of a grape fruit! I am in a fruit phase right now. I eat some every day. My mom is probably really happy to read this.

Anyway, if you have never tried dipping strawberries into condensed milk, try it. Cut the strawberries into pieces first though. This way, you won't get your hands all sticky from the condensed milk. Also, smaller pieces mean more dipping! And, did you know that there's fat free condensed milk? Now, I can eat as much as I want right? Thanks Jack and Sonia for introducing me to this! :)

Oooo yeah, speaking of strawberries, check out these sweet ones in my supplies shop! I know...shameless plug :)

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Tea said...

Mmm! That sounds almost as good as strawberries dipped in chocolate, but easier!

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