Saturday, April 17, 2010

~ Amazing Taiwanese Beauty Transformation ~

I have been seeing a lot of YouTube videos about how girls look completely different after they do their makeup. It's pretty funny. It's a section of a Taiwanese talk show I think. It's in Mandarin if you want to take a look. In this video, around 6:42, the girl has a trick to turn single eye lids into double eye lids using eyelash glue and something that looks like a tooth pick. It's pretty amazing.

So these girls go from this:

to this!

I don't want to say that she was ugly before, but wow! That's a big transformation! It's mostly just hair and eyes too.

Here's another video. The host says some pretty mean things, but I guess it's all just supposed to be funny.

This girl goes from plain jane to a super model with just makeup!

She went from not having eyes to huge eyes!

Here are the pictures of them with 1 eye done and 1 eye not done yet.

I think she's wearing the circle lenses in gray. Those are pretty! So sad that I can't wear them because of my bad prescription.

Eyes make such a big difference! No wonder all the Japanese and Hong Kong magazines I see have eye makeup tutorials. So many tricks to learn!

~What's your trick for making your eyes look bigger?~

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