Sunday, April 4, 2010

~ Engagement Pictures Session 1 Completed ~

As the wedding date creeps closer, I am slowly crossing things off my to-do list. Two major things were crossed off this weekend: invitations and the first session of engagement pictures. Ok, the invitations are not done. We still need to approve the draft, but we should have that within 2 weeks. The most exciting part this weekend were the engagement pictures. Those are so much fun! Well, fun for me. I got to play dress up all day long.

We started around 11:30am. We had 5 outfits and with each outfit, the stylist/makeup artist changed my hair. It was tough for my hair to go through all that curling and gel. She also had to put tape on my eyelids to make the crease look deeper and my eyes look bigger. But, it was all worth it. How many days do you get to wear 2 wedding gowns, an evening gown, a Chinese outfit and an kimono? It's so fun to be a princess!

Look at how she teased my hair. I was kind of worried when she started doing it. But, it turned out pretty cool.

I think the lipstick was a little too light though. We were waiting for the other couple to finish their session so we had time to take some of our own pictures. Can you tell that my fiance was getting tired?

I am actually pretty proud of him. 8 hours of pictures and he didn't really complain at all. He actually smiled in most of the pictures too!

Everything was pretty cool, except...well... basically, when the makeup artist did my eyebrows, she shaved off a little more than she should have on one side. I didn't even know till I took off the makeup on one eye and looked at myself. I was like "where the heck is my eye brow?" Then, I took the makeup off the other side and that eyebrow was fine. So, now my eye brows are uneven. I know it's not a big deal for most people, but I have never used a eye brow pencil in my life. I will just hide my eyebrows with my hair for a couple of weeks. For our next session, I will have to remember to tell the makeup artist to go easy on my eyebrows!

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The Beading Gem said...

Gosh, the suspense is killing me! When IS the wedding?

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