Saturday, April 10, 2010

~ Momo and the Spring Flowers ~

When I moved to MD a few years ago, there was nothing special to me. Then, spring came and I was in awe of all the blossoming trees and bushes! Though, I miss the cherry blossoms every year. For many miscellaneous reasons, I just never make it down to DC to see them. But it's ok, I see so many flowers every day just in my neighborhood and on my way to work! I don't know what these are, but I have these in my yard.

From my yard, I can also see my neighbor's tree. I don't know what these are either, but they are so simple and pretty!!

I took a walk in my neighborhood with Momo yesterday. I didn't realize my neighbor has such a beautiful bleeding hearts bush! I love bleeding hearts!

Even dandelions are pretty! Ok, it helps that they are yellow.

These are my favorite! They come out a little after the cherry blossoms. I think these are Kwanzan Cherry trees? They are so pretty! The whole tree is vibrant and pink! Personally, I think these are prettier than cherry blossoms.

Look how happy Momo is outside! When I see him in the grass, it reminds me of the first time I met him. I think he looks really good against the green.

I put him on the Kwanzan Cherry tree. Doesn't he look comfy there?

Look at his eyes! It's rare that you can see his eyes so clearly. Thanks to the wind for blowing his fur out of the way.

Yeah he had fun on the tree.

He tried to eat the flowers I think...

I also see a lot of flowers on the way to work. I love this bush! It's so pretty and yellow. I snapped this one with my phone when I was at a red light.

These were in front of my work. I didn't have a chance to take pictures of the magnolias ( I think that's what they were) before the rain washed them away. But, these tulips are so pretty! Taken with my phone too.

I used to have really pretty flowers in my yard, but...well...I actually have a black thumb. My dad has the greenest thumb I know, but he's not here to plant the garden for me. I wish my mom will come help me with my yard. She has a really green thumb too. Her garden is beautiful! *hint hint* Mom :)


Stockannette said...

Pretty! And I LOVE Momo!

Judy said...

Very nice!! I THINK your neighbor's tree is a Dogwood. Beautiful flowers! And Momo is adorable!!

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