Wednesday, April 14, 2010

~ Sweet and Romantic Charms ~

When I saw these at a charms store and I just had to have them. What's sweeter than glossy pink enamel charms with gold and rhinestone accents? These are all so super sweet and kawaii! First, there's the strawberry cake.

There are also lollipops! I think I like the spherical one more.

Here are some fairy tale icons. Which princess had a pink carriage?

How about a ticking grandfather clock?

Here's a set of sweet and sexy pink bikini with floral acccents.

This would be cute for mom-to-bes :)

Do you think these are cute?? I only have a few of each in stock right now and I will be listing them in my shop this week. If you want any of them before I list them, let me know and I will make a custom listing for you.


elsiee said...

the little tiny bikini is seriously KILLING me with it's cuteness!

artofamy said...

You have some very beautiful items! I love the strawberries in your Etsy Store :)

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