Monday, April 12, 2010

~ Running Around with Momo ~

We stayed at the Double Tree hotel in Virgina beach this past weekend. They are dog friendly! It's so nice to have Momo with us. He was so good. He didn't have any accidents! It was a lil cold, but there was plenty of sunshine! So, I took this as an opportunity to play around with the DSLR and Momo. He likes the bed.

He ran around a lot outside! I just wanted to show off my slightly red hair here. I love my red highlights :)

It's rare that I catch him in his mid run and it's clear. He looks so funny!

He looks like a flying dog here. Too bad I blocked the picture :(

Flowers and Momo and sunshine. I was so happy.

Doesn't Momo look so cute against the pink of the flowers and the blue sky?

We took him to the beach too, but it was really cold so we didn't say long. Hopefully, we'll come back when it's warmer :)


elsiee said...

Momo is delicious!!

Hollie May said...

OH MY GOD THAT IS A CUTE DOG! look at the mid-run one! oh i just wanna snuggle that muffin face!

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