Wednesday, April 21, 2010

~ Beef and King Oyster Mushroom Stir Fry ~

Have you ever had King Oyster Mushrooms? They are big, about 4 inches tall with small caps. I get them from international grocery stores. These are one of my favorite mushrooms! My dad calls them "chicken leg mushrooms" because I think they can pass for chicken if cooked in a certain way.

These are really easy to make. You buy a pack from the grocery store. 1 package is usually good for 1 meal. The stalk should be firm and white. They keep well in the fridge for about a week or two. Though, by 2 weeks, you may see little white fuzz growing near the bottom of the stalks. Just cut them off. For stir frying, I like to cut them a little slanted to get ovals from the stalks. They are fun to cut because the stalk is like a firm sponge. After you cut them, it may look like a lot, but they will shrink as you cook.

After you cut and rinse them, you can stir fry it with beef slices. You know how to stir fry right? Heat up the wok, add oil, put in some garlic slices if you like garlic, then throw in the beef. When the beef is half cooked, throw in the mushroom. The mushrooms are cooked when it looks translucent and feels more bouncy. Then just add some oyster sauce and sugar and stir and you are done. Add as much oyster sauce as you like. Go easy first, taste test and add more if needed.

All done! That took what....15 minutes? Just 4 ingredients: mushroom, beef, oyster sauce and sugar. How easy is that? And it's so yummy! The texture of the mushroom is firm and bouncy. If you don't see the mushroom caps, you won't even realize it's mushroom! Basically, beef and oyster sauce just go together. Just add whatever veggies you like and stir fry it the same way. Good veggies choices are broccoli, Chinese broccoli, green beans, and pea pods.

~ What's your favorite kind of mushrooms? ~

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