Saturday, October 3, 2009

~ Detox Phase 3 Completed ~

Sprinkling Clean - Rose - All Natural Complexion Cleansing Powder with Real Rose Essential Oil by LaConchitaNaturals on Etsy

Ok, finally I am done with Phase 3! That means my 9-day treatment is completed. Phase 3 is basically the same as Phase 1. So, no eating for 2 days but tons of water and the cleansing juice 4 times a day. It was going just fine, except the last day when I went up to New York City with my fiance to do some wedding stuff. All that awesome food and I couldn't eat!!!

Dinner time rolls around and my fiance confessed that he cheated on the last day because he was at a work event and there was a lot of food around. So, I said "Screw you" and started eating. Look at all this awesome Japanese food! Who could've resisted?

Did I fail? I don't think so. I am actually very happy with the results. Here are my health stats before I detoxed. I hesitate to put weight on here, but I will :)

Weight: 128lbs
Skin: Extremely dry
Migraines/headaches: headaches every week, migraines about once a month
Asthma: seasonal. My "attacks" last for a few hours and I get them just about every day. Symptoms are neck tension, chest tension, pressure in my lungs when I breathe. My doctor gave me medicine which I took for 4 days with no results.
Energy Level: I felt sluggish a lot. After I eat lunch, I can literally fall asleep in my chair. I had to walk around, talk with people to stay away. And no, I don't eat a heavy lunch. It's a fair amount of veggies too and not a lot of carbs.

So, I did the 9 day treatment and it's been a week since my last day. Here are my stats:
Weight: 117lbs
Skin: Dry
Migraines/headaches: Haven't had a headache since I started detoxing.
Asthma: No issues at all. You may say "well, if it's seasonal, then maybe the season ended." That can be true. But I am just happy it's gone.
Energy Level: I still feel tired sometimes, but it's not like the extreme fatigue I used to feel.

I do feel better so I am continuing on with the 33 day treatment. That means for 15 days, I still take the shakes and juice morning and night and take 1 metabolism pill a day. Then, it's another 9 day detox. I will report results again after my second 9 day detox.

Overall, I am happy with everything. Is it worth the money? Well, it is to me because having asthma and migraines were horrible. Weight wise, I actually wasn't very concerned. Losing weight is just icing on the cake. My mom is also extremely happy with her results. She has own medical issues that I won't disclose here, but this detox did help with those issues.

If you want to find out more, feel free to contact me or Google it. The company is called Isagenix and they produce a lot of health products. Check it out :)


Kym said...

wow!!! awesome results especially with the weight! my coworkers are actually doing a detox this week as well for 10 days, i can't get myself to do it! i just love food too much! =S doesn't help with all the yummy japanese food you posted! hehe!

pxyjk said...

hm..that sounds a lot of work for weight loss, but i wonder if the health benefits will be long lasting.

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