Thursday, October 8, 2009

~ Necklaces for the Tough Guys ~

Whenever I tell my guy friends about my jewelry shop, they ask me if I make stuff for guys. Then, I say, "not yet". Then, they say, "Ok, let me know when you do". Ok guys, that day has come! Now, you have no excuse :) Don't tell me these are girly. My very masculine fiance picked them out.

First, the razor blade. This one has a little bit of bling.

I love Scorpions because...I am a Scorpio :)

Can't go wrong with a cross right?

And every guy needs one of these.

All my necklaces are on silicone cords. I like them because they are light, soft, easy to clean and fun! Of course I can use leather cords or even silver chains. Just ask :)


Ruby Mountain Beads said...

i think the dragon is cool!

supersweetsilver said...

Those are awesome! Second that about the dragon.

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