Wednesday, October 7, 2009

~ Tips for The New Bejeweled Bliz for Facebook ~

I have been waiting for this for a while! Finally, the new and improved Bejeweled Blitz for Facebook is here!

Look at the UI. I think it's a lot cleaner and less distracting. In the old version, the random backgrounds can be way too distracting! I also like how they "gel" up the user interface and make the gems even shinier. The background is still nice, but it's muted enough to see the gems very clearly.

And a brand new special gem is here for T and L matches! You will get a star gem that breaks all the gems in its column and row when you break it. I love it! The hybercube that you get when you break 5 gems also got a face lift. It looks cool!

Another awesome new feature is the Last Hurrah where all your left over special gems get broken at the same time! So, don't fret if you can't break them as the end is near. In fact, save them! The multiplier gems also become points during the Last Hurrah. It's so exciting to see everything break all at once!

Here, you can see how the last hurrah got me close to 45,000 points!

Here....I just want to show off my high score.

Here are my tips for the game:
  1. You can start moving the gems before the voice tell you to start! I usually try to move 1-3 gems before the guy even say "Go".
  2. Go after the multipliers like your life depends on it.
  3. It's ok to save the special gems since they get activated during Last Hurrah anyway. Of course, you still want to use them whenever you can so you can get multipliers.
  4. Play with a nice mouse. Seriously, I just played for an hour and a half on my mac without a mouse. My wrist is a little bit sore and I definitely do better with a mouse.
  5. You can move gems even before all the gems finish so NEVER STOP MOVING. This new version shows you your "combo" or speed bonuses above the score. Once you get past something like 20, the red text color will start sliding from right to left, which is like a timer. With every new move you make, the timer fills up. Fill it all the way and go into this crazy mode where every gem you break is like breaking a flame gem that explodes!
  6. Always be on the look out for the next move. I know you like to see those gems fall. But, dude, move on. You made a great move. You don't need to watch all the gems explode to get the points.
  7. Lastly, be the jewel!
I was only playing to get screenshots for this post :). Now, I must resist and get my work done. Please don't start playing if you have homework or chores to do. It's super addicting!!!

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mamacateyes said...

Your high score is about where mine is at! Im number 2 with my friends. I do love the new format so much better than the old.

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