Thursday, October 29, 2009

~ Nintendo DSi LL ~

I love the Nintendo DS. I love it so much that I got for my fiance and one for me so we won't have to fight over it. I used to carry it around with me and play whenever I get a chance. But, that was before I opened my jewelry shop. Now, it's just being used as a prop for my accessories pictures.

I think Nintendo is really good with continuously improving their products. They improved the original DS by giving it a sleeker look and brighter screen. They improved the DS Lite by adding a camera and slightly bigger screen. Now, they have come out with DSi LL, which is basically just bigger, with a huge 4.2 in screen.

One may argue that a portable gaming system should be as small as possible. But, I think they did the right thing here. Nintendo DS has a very wide target audience, the casual gamer. Casual gamers like my mom whose hand cramps up from holding the little stylus for too long would love this new bigger DS with a fatter stylus. The new bigger stylus looks a lot sturdier and comfortable. She wouldn't mind that the whole console is bigger because she just puts it in her purse anyway.

Also, the big screen is a major plus. My mom won't have to put on her glasses and squint at the games anymore.

It comes in dark brown, burgundy and white. I think my mom will really like the burgundy one. It looks so much classier. It's coming out in mid November in Japan. I hope it comes to the US soon after. My mom needs a new DS. This is her second one and she has already ruined the screen by playing too much. She loves Magnetica. In the game, you have a marble in the middle that u need to fling outwards with the stylus. She has basically worn out that middle spot on the screen. And the hinges are loose.

If they come out with a yellow one, I am totally buying it. :)


Lisa Kate said...

I have the DS lite and even MY hands cramp up from playing it, like they never did with the original. I think its the shape of it. I wish I could afford a new one, but I gotta wait til this one breaks!!

Love the panda!!

pxyjk said...

I think your mom would really like the new DS.

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