Sunday, October 18, 2009

~ Prada Exfoliating Clay Mask Review ~

My friend saw this white box when shopping at TJMaxx today. On the back, it says Prada Exfoliating Clay Mask. What the heck? They have Prada stuff at TJMaxx? And it was only $20?!?!?! So, of course she bought it and I was lucky enough to be there when she opened it. We didn't know what to expect at all and we were all pleasantly surprised that inside were 14 individually packaged treatments.

She gave me and my other friend each a packet to try. If it's good, we are going to TJMaxx tomorrow to buy them all. Well, I just tried it. Don't I look just so hot with all this goo on my face?

I think it's pretty good! One friend says it smells funny. But, I think it smells just fine. It's a very neutral smell with a little nutty scent like almonds. It is a thick paste with rough particles in it. Definitely had to wet my fingers a few times to massage it on.

I love the little package! It's like a bullet or a guitar pick. I washed it and I am going to use it for my beads :D There's plenty of mask in each package. I put a thin layer on my face and I still had this much left. So, I layered it on.

It just takes 5 minutes! Good, because you all know I am a busy girl. When I was washing it off, it felt a little bit oily, like I am not washing it off completely. After I dried my face though, it felt good. I toned and moisturized with my Shiseido stuff as usual and now my face feels great! Very soft. I keep touching my face as I type this, waiting for the softness to go away. But, it has been about 30 mins and it's still soft!

I am very excited. I think it's a great exfoliator. My skin has definitely been pretty dull and flaky with the changing seasons. I have been waking up to peeling skin on my face. Not a pretty sight, I know. I am pretty confident it won't happen tomorrow morning. If it does, I will definitely update this post.

I am going to TJMaxx to grab some if there's any left tomorrow. $20 is a good deal!! It's selling for about $80 at most retail sites like Amazon right now. Go find some at your local TJMaxx! Ooo, just a warning though, one friend had an allergic reaction to it. She thinks it's the honey-like ingredient, so please test on your hand first.

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